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CSR Solutions Limited has employed experienced and skilled auditors to deliver 2nd party and /or 3rd party audit and verification services for management systems: ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 14001 EMS, ISO 45001 OHSAS, ISO 13485, ISO / TS16949, cGMP, SA8000, SEDEX / SMETA, SLCP, CoC, and numerous audits.


More than 60,000 businesses in over 150 Countries use SEDEX to improve business practices and the working conditions in global supply chains.

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Why CSR Solutions?

  • We aim to ease the auditing burden on suppliers.
  • We use central agreed audit protocol which can be confidently shared.
  • We benefit buyers and suppliers at the same time.
  • On time report preparation & uploading
  • Quick response to client’s queries.
  • Report acceptance by majority of buyers.

Our Experts

Ms. Phoenix Zhang

Managing Director, Founder

Mr. Vic Thorpe

Senior Advisor & Master Trainer

Ms. Sam Thorpe

Conscious Health Coach & Master Trainer

Mr. Mike Lee

Scheme Manager

CSR in a fewest possible words

Increasingly, business customers and consumers are differentiating brands – and making their purchasing decisions – on the basis of “ethical” factors. These cover an organization’s approach to: corporate social responsibility (CSR), compliance and code of conduct; ethical trading; human rights; labor regulations, including health and safety; and responsible production practices. 

Using our network of highly skilled and experienced experts, CSR can measure your performance against these factors through a range of social audits: 

ISO 26000 is a Guidance document, though not an auditable standard, outlining social responsibility best practices, which allows organizations to measure performance in terms of sustainable development, the health and welfare of society, and legal compliance.
Amfori BSCI is a leading supply chain management system that supports companies to drive social compliance and improvements within the factories and farms in their global supply chains.
CSR provides organizations with independent and impartial code of conduct audit services which can be aligned to local legislation, international norms or clients’ own Codes.
Representing ethical best practice, the tri-partite ETI Base Code has been adopted by its members – and other retailers and brands.
The French Federation of Retailers (FCD) designed the ICS scheme to encourage suppliers to comply with universal human rights principles, as well as with local labor regulations.
SEDEX helps organizations manage data on labor practices, health & safety, environment and business ethics in their supply chain. SMETA covers ETI Base Code principles and additionally reviews performance against human rights, land rights, responsible recruitment practices, the right to work of migrant workers, management systems implementation and the presence of sub-contracting and home working.
WRAP is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and certification of lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing throughout the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social compliance is a continuing process in which organizations endeavor to protect the health, safety, and rights of their employees, the community and environment in which they operate, and the lives and communities of workers in their supply and distribution chains. Social compliance and social responsibility may address concerns about:

  • Labor rights for workers
  • Fair labor laws
  • Harvesting and the use of conflict minerals
  • General environmental
  • Sustainability questions.

Social compliance auditing is practiced mainly by retailers and manufacturers, also called purchasers or brands. Auditing allows brands to maintain oversight of the social practices of their supply chain, including maintaining company-established codes of conduct regarding purchasing and following local labor, health, and safety laws.

Attention to social compliance also serves to protect your brand reputation among consumers. The information garnered during social compliance audits and by producing continuous improvement plans for suppliers and retailers can help companies address critics and articulate an understanding of worker conditions and necessary improvements.

Behaving in a socially responsible manner means ensuring the protection of the health and safety of workers, including those within our supply and distribution chains; defending human rights and protecting the community and the environment in which we operate. Some of the main benefits that this brings to your company include the following:   

  1. Show customers and stakeholders that your company and employees comply with local laws, international standards, and ethical practices applicable to your region and industry.  
  2. Create a higher level of trust in your company.  
  3. Collection of valuable data to improve decision making 
  4. Enhanced relationships with all stakeholders  
  5. Attract and retain talent and promote employee engagement 

In order to adapt to the new ways of working, businesses will have to aim beyond driving profitability, creating value not only for their shareholders but also for society. This is done by targeting humanity’s toughest challenges as their own and thinking beyond traditional initiatives for corporate social responsibility.  

Nowadays, companies face the need to define competition on a broader scale, adding new depths of value through a holistic well-being approach, environmental sustainability, and an ethical corporate culture. In order to achieve this, organizations require radical business model innovations to enable circular economies for precious resources.  

Furthermore, stakeholders are pressuring companies and investors to go beyond financial returns and take a more holistic view of their impact on society. Changes are best approached when they scale up from details, to the most innovative decisions, creating movements that drive better results. Become part of an ethical and sustainable culture and begin to identify the gaps that prevent your company from reaching its full potential, to then create a plan to remedy them.

  • Creating awareness among beneficiaries and providers of local social and productive services.
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness of local development programmers
  • Scrutiny of various policy decisions, keeping in view stakeholder interests and priorities, particularly of rural poor.
  • Estimation of the benefits for stakeholders of timely certification

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CSR SOLUTIONS LTD is proud to be officially recognised as a social enterprise. We’re committed to using our income and profit to make a positive impact on our society and the environment. We’re also the first social certification body to be ISO 17065 accredited, reassuring our customers and partners of our independence and transparency in all our certification decisions.

We are CSR Solutions Ltd., a world top 20 leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC). With our certification, inspection, testing and training, we create trust in our customers' products, services, processes, (management) systems and employees.

General information and rules for auditor(s) & auditees(s) at the audit site before & during the audit:

Due to ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, all audits of CSR Solutions Ltd. are held in strict compliance with all new requirements and recommendations for safety and health preservation. Please read the rules below carefully.

Access to the audit site should be carried out through the main entrance only.

Body temperature control is required at the entrance.

Obligatory wearing of face masks and their regular replacement during the day.

Observe the established 2-meter social distance.

Avoid shaking hands and exchanging business cards.

Eating on the territory of the site without observing all the established rules is not advisable.

Sites must ensure a more thorough disinfection paying special attention to places of special congestion of workers and contact surfaces.

In case of deterioration of health and the presence of symptoms of the disease, contact the emergency Covid taskforce nearby for further isolation.

We kindly ask you to treat your health responsibly
and strictly follow the established rules together with us.