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3-Pillar Solutions Model

Pillar-1: Auditing Solutions

  1) Sedex/SMETA Audits

  2) C-TPAT Audits

  3) Factory Audits and Risk Assessments

  4) CSR Impact Measurement 

  5) SA8000 Pre-Certification and Certification Audits

  6) ISO13485 Quality Audits for Medical Devices

  7) cGMP Audits for Pharmaceutical industry 

  8) Other Factory Audits


Pillar-2: Capacity Building

  1) Worker Engagement & Dialogue Project 

  2) Capacity Building and Training Effectiveness Measuring

  3) Workplace Stress Management @ Workplace

  4) SA8000 Basic and Advanced Auditor Course 

  5) Product Inspection & Quality Audit


Pillar-3:Technical Tools Kit 

  1) Lean Manufacturing 

  2) Re-Engineering 

  3) Automation 

  4) Innovation 

  5) Brands Design & Promotion 

  6) Circular Economy 

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