Global Partners

Just Solutions Network Ltd



CSR Solutions Limited worked with our strategic UK Partner Just Solutions Network ( to provide solutions to the most common deviation issues to all social codes of conduct such as excessive overtime working, low productivity, poor grievance system and workplace dialogue. We established a unique Tri-partite Structure Worker-Manager Collaboration, Worker Engagement and Workplace Social Dialogue Program through a successful process-based and risk-based capability building training and technical supporting including lean manufacturing, worker empowerment and involvement activities.



Through worked with our UK Partner IntoAlignment ( ), CSR Solutions Limited provides professional Stress Management at Workplace for Managers, Supervisors, Frontline Leaders, and Workers. Our Master, Sam Thorpe, is specialized in the effects of stress & trauma on the body & mind. Stress definitely affect performance, it also affects health and quality of life. The performance of workers in the Lean Manufacture project has been rapidly going down. We teach practical stress release and resilience building tools that are easily integrated into a busy work regime. We provide workshops that teach practical useable skills to manage, release and reframe stress. We help you to identify specific stressors and their impact. We then work on every level, biological, psychological and energetic, to release stress, bring deep change and build resilience. 

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