CSR Solutions Limited registered in Hong Kong as a global and independent auditing company in 2001 and was founded by an experienced and skilled audit team who has worked in famous international accreditation body with more than 30 years quality and social compliance audit experiences.


Our Business Purpose is to help the success of our clients in sustainability through auditing and value-added supply chain capacity building programs.

Our Mission:

Helping your sustainable business to succeed through compliance culture building.

Our Vision:

Integrity first, and professionalism.

Quality Policy:

Rapid response, do it right at first time for customer satisfaction.

Core Value:

To create and make values for our clients.

Policy & Ethics

1) Bribery and Corruption in all forms is prohibited. 
2) No person to whom this policy applies may commit, or knowingly assist another person to commit, a breach of this policy. 
CSR Solutions Limited has fully understood that the impartiality is crucial to the confidence of the system certification. We conduct the identification and analysis of potential threats to the impartiality and take corrective and preventive actions to manage the impartiality, to ensure the confidence and integrity of the system certification activities. We eliminate or minimize the threats to the impartiality of system certification and auditing activity through taking corrective and preventive actions to conflicts of interests based on the identification and analysis of the possibilities of various potential threats of conflicts.
CSR Solutions Limited will never disclose any information acquired in the course of our work for the client unless we have a legal duty or we are authorized by the client to do so. We never use any such information for our or any other party’s advantage. We will always protect our client’s privacy by safeguarding any information which we hold in relation to the client’s affairs to the best of our ability.
Please download OR contact us at to get the full copy of our Company Code of Ethics.
As the member auditing firm of APSCA, we also have posted this Code in our website for your downloading and reading.

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CSR SOLUTIONS LTD is proud to be officially recognised as a social enterprise. We’re committed to using our income and profit to make a positive impact on our society and the environment. We’re also the first social certification body to be ISO 17065 accredited, reassuring our customers and partners of our independence and transparency in all our certification decisions.

We are CSR Solutions Ltd., a world top 20 leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC). With our certification, inspection, testing and training, we create trust in our customers' products, services, processes, (management) systems and employees.